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Elite Spas Dorset is pleased to offer a wide range of spa accessories to meet your requirements. 

Luxurious spa experience

Have an improved spa experience by installing steps or a spa umbrella from Elite Spas Dorset. From a cover rocket to a spa filter, we supply a range of spa accessories to make your spa experience a better one. Our experience, expertise and knowledge has made us one of the most trusted suppliers of spa accessories in the area. Get in touch with us for more information.
Water care products

Wireless sounds £299.00


This isn’t just a standard Bluetooth speaker, this is an IPx7 rated, water resistant portable stereo that FLOATS! Featuring a unique FUSION PUCK mounting system that enables you to securely mount the stereo.

It even has an AM/FM radio tuner so you can tune in to your favourite stations, with two dedicated preset keys.

Enjoy playback of MP3 media from a low profile USB flash drive whilst out on the water. A waterproof cavity is designed to provide secure housing of the USB inside the STEREOACTIVE.

12 unique voice prompts (available in 6 languages) provide audio feedback when you engage with the STEREOACTIVE, keeping you informed and in control of your entertainment experience.

The quality of the music is just as important as the durability of the design and it is for this reason FUSION’s expert sound engineers worked tirelessly on the Class-D amplifier, speaker drivers, internal volume and passive radiator system to deliver audiophile-quality music reproduction. 

The dual 2.5” 40 Watt custom-designed directional speaker system and passive radiator, is perfectly tuned for powerful audio delivery. The long excursion directional speaker design delivers greater cut through in the outdoor environment and a more personal listening experience. 

Take control of your entertainment with FUSION’s intuitive app solutions, available for smartphone and smartwatch owners. Garmin smartwatch owners and Apple or Android smartphone users can enjoy wireless control with the free FUSION-Link Bluetooth app, available for download from Garmin Connect, the Apple App store or Google Play store.
Spa accessories

Replacement Covers

We can now supply replacement covers for, very nearly any spa or swim spa. Send us an enquiry and we can email out the order form where you can complete it yourself and return it to us and we can get your replacement cover on order. 
Spa accessories

Our accessories include:

  • Spa umbrellas
  • Steps
  • Valet open
  • Cover rockets
  • Spa side handles
  • Filters
Spa accessories
Spa with steps

You can rely on us

With years of experience, we are the right people to supply you with high quality spa accessories. All of our spas are designed and made in Atlanta and St. Louis, USA. Count on us to offer quality-built spas, providing the ultimate combination of inspired designs, luxury, hydrotherapy features and a range of accessories to enhance your spa experience.
Spa with steps
For a superb range of spa accessories for sale in Dorset, please call Elite Spas Dorset today on
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